Scholarship Contest from the Deal room. $500 Deadline: June 29, 2019.

Submit an essay of roughly about 800 words to one of the topics suggested on our site. Your essay for the scholarship will get judged based on your writing skills, style, and innovative business solutions described in your essay.


Our scholarship is open to all students. That means we select students from diverse backgrounds. Your nationality or education institution is not an issue for us; however, your enthusiasm for the m&a is. Therefore, all applicants must show some level of interest in m&a or virtual data room industry.


The aim of the contest is finding creative students ready to move forward and look for innovative solutions in business, m&a, and virtual data room industry. In addition to winning to the tune of 500 dollars, we will consider the winner as our employee/colleague if he shows such a desire.


Visit official website to apply

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